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Kym Battaglia (ASID Interior Designer) has been creating beautiful spaces in the greater LA metro area for her residential and commercial clients. Her keen sense of space and aesthetics combined with the use of uniquely procured materials for BattgliaStile helps her create beautiful spaces.

At BattagliaStile we have sourced the world to provide beautiful and unique lines of materials for your project. We believe that great texture and pattern in the interior and exterior bring in a cheerful play of creativity and beauty, offering individuality as well as identity to the spaces.

Texture has the ability to add a powerful, and subtle dimension to any room. Textures and patterns can be featured in many surfaces in the interiors, such as on the walls, flooring, countertops and in the exterior areas in patios, decks and pool areas.

Kym, her husband John and the BattagliaStile team are committed to provide outstanding personalized customer service to homeowners, contractors, architects and designers. 

Discover today our inspiring collection of unique lines of materials at BattagliaStile!

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